Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Just Look ~

Look the sky..
Look the rainbow..
Look  the around you..
It’s beautiful..
The best present  from  God..
I walk around city..
I see a old woman..
I see the child..
I see the baby..
It’s wonderful..
It’s amazing..
I love my parents..
I love my sibling..
I love people around me..
Without  them who I am..
Without  them I can’t  breath..
I smile..
You smile..
They smile..
So sweet..
So cute..
I see myself..
I see people around me..
I feel fresh..
I feel free..
I feel strong..
What I can say anymore..
If  I don’t know how to care about that ..
so lonely..

By:  Tyna Shinohara (tynatinz@gmail.com)

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