Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

True Life

I love my mother ..
when it is time for mothers day ..
I feel very sad and very grim ..
My mother passed away on October 18, 2004 ..
now been almost 8 years later ..
I know I should persevere ..
the loss taught me more independent ..
when the test came from God I know how to sign ..
thank God ..
despite the loss of God give me strength to live ..
when I was sick, I must be calling my mother's name ..
mom mom mom i need u ..
I hope my mother placed the believers ..
those who still have a mother ..

PLEASE .. Please cherish your mother ..

mother as a ray of light to the children ..
who are we without our mothers who gave birth to 9 months and 9 days ..
the power of God ..
as humans we should be grateful ..
Do not forget the pleasures of the world ..
to hereafter forgotten,,
mother is a woman who is very generous ..
However, the behavior of a mother ..
mother is a woman who should be respected ..

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