Khamis, 27 September 2012

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Along the development of the field of optometry and fashion contact lenses have changed functions. Now, colored contact lenses are rising in popularity styled many people - both the celebrities or individuals who wanted to come up different.Contact lenses are considered accessory now than its original function. Colored lenses increasingly favored all walks of life are easily available at cheap prices.Due to high demand, there is the simple matter of looking at the sale of contact lenses. According to the correct procedures, the sale of contact lenses have done a qualified optometrist examining eyes first user to determine the suitability of the use of contact lenses.However, the situation is different now. Many consumers are looking at products cheaper than the safety aspects of the use of contact lenses. On average they do not refer to an optometrist before getting contact lenses. Some even buy contact lenses via the internet and the night market.

For individuals who use contact lenses without consulting an optometrist, the risk of eye problems is high. Among the problems that can be faced by consumers contact lenses is infection, allergies to more chronic, the risk of becoming blind.
Consequently, individuals who want to use contact lenses, either for vision correction or not, should make eye examination by a qualified optometrist.
To provide further clarification on the application of contact lenses, Ask the Expert column Consultant interview optometrist, Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Ali Bariah from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).
Prof Bariah, selling contact lenses by unauthorized parties in the field of eye health is quite alarming. Worse, he said, there is the sharing of contact lenses and lease them to different individuals without realizing the move to invite serious consequences.


* Never wear lenses beyond the recommended time.
* Do not sleep with contact lens wear.
* Stopping the use of contact lenses if redness of the eyes and immediately consult a doctor for a checkup and get treatment if necessary.
* Keep yourself referred to an eye specialist in case of red eye problems and disturbed vision or blurring.
* Do not use contact lenses that exceed the expiration date.
Together we ensure the application of contact lenses to correct vision problems are not abused and used in accordance with instructions and appropriate manner.
Keep your eyes and senses of sight from any threat, especially infections from contact lenses blind eye.


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