Khamis, 27 September 2012

The Best Way used it but Remember there are have a lot of effect !

Along the development of the field of optometry and fashion contact lenses have changed functions. Now, colored contact lenses are rising in popularity styled many people - both the celebrities or individuals who wanted to come up different.Contact lenses are considered accessory now than its original function. Colored lenses increasingly favored all walks of life are easily available at cheap prices.Due to high demand, there is the simple matter of looking at the sale of contact lenses. According to the correct procedures, the sale of contact lenses have done a qualified optometrist examining eyes first user to determine the suitability of the use of contact lenses.However, the situation is different now. Many consumers are looking at products cheaper than the safety aspects of the use of contact lenses. On average they do not refer to an optometrist before getting contact lenses. Some even buy contact lenses via the internet and the night market.

For individuals who use contact lenses without consulting an optometrist, the risk of eye problems is high. Among the problems that can be faced by consumers contact lenses is infection, allergies to more chronic, the risk of becoming blind.
Consequently, individuals who want to use contact lenses, either for vision correction or not, should make eye examination by a qualified optometrist.
To provide further clarification on the application of contact lenses, Ask the Expert column Consultant interview optometrist, Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Ali Bariah from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).
Prof Bariah, selling contact lenses by unauthorized parties in the field of eye health is quite alarming. Worse, he said, there is the sharing of contact lenses and lease them to different individuals without realizing the move to invite serious consequences.


* Never wear lenses beyond the recommended time.
* Do not sleep with contact lens wear.
* Stopping the use of contact lenses if redness of the eyes and immediately consult a doctor for a checkup and get treatment if necessary.
* Keep yourself referred to an eye specialist in case of red eye problems and disturbed vision or blurring.
* Do not use contact lenses that exceed the expiration date.
Together we ensure the application of contact lenses to correct vision problems are not abused and used in accordance with instructions and appropriate manner.
Keep your eyes and senses of sight from any threat, especially infections from contact lenses blind eye.


Quotes aBout Life

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Isnin, 3 September 2012


“So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday.”
-Nicholas Sparks-

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”
― Jane Austen-

“If he’s not calling you, it’s because you are not on his mind. If he creates expectations for you, and then doesn’t follow through on little things, he will do same for big things. Be aware of this and realize that he’s okay with disappointing you. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do. If he’s choosing not to make a simple effort that would put you at ease and bring harmony to a recurring fight, then he doesn’t respect your feelings and needs. “Busy” is another word for “asshole.” “Asshole” is another word for the guy you’re dating. You deserve a fcking phone call.”
-Greg Behrendt-

“You know it's never fifty-fifty in a marriage. It's always seventy-thirty, or sixty-forty. Someone falls in love first. Someone puts someone else up on a pedestal. Someone works very hard to keep things rolling smoothly; someone else sails along for the ride.”
-Jodi Picoult-

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.”
-Khalil Gibran-

“Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage.”
-Ambrose Bierce-

“Yes, we praise women over 40 for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, it's not reciprocal. For every stunning, smart, well-coiffed, hot woman over 40, there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 22-year old waitress. Ladies, I apologize. For all those men who say, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?", here's an update for you. Nowadays 80%of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!”
- Andy Rooney -

“The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing - and then marry him.”
- Cher -

- Jon Krakauer-

“If I get married, I want to be very married.”
- Audrey Hepburn -

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert-

“It’s probably not just by chance that I’m alone. It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he’s terribly strong. And if he’s stronger than I, I’m the one who can’t live with him. … I’m neither smart nor stupid, but I don’t think I’m a run-of-the-mill person. I’ve been in business without being a businesswoman, I’ve loved without being a woman made only for love. The two men I’ve loved, I think, will remember me, on earth or in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness. I’ve done my best, in regard to people and to life, without precepts, but with a taste for justice.”
- Coco Chanel -

“The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.”
- Charlotte Brontë -

“Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”
- Albert Einstein -

“He could totally be your boyfriend," [Angel] went on with annoying persistance. "You guys could get married. I could be like a junior bridesmaid. Total could be your flower dog."
"I'm only a kid!" I shrieked. "I can't get married!"
"You could in New Hampshire."
My mouth dropped open. How does she know this stuff? "Forget it! No one's getting married!" I hissed. "Not in New Hampshire or anywhere else! Not in a box, not with a fox! Now go to sleep, before I kill you!”
-James Patterson -

“Aim high, but do not aim so high that you totally miss the target. What really matters is that he will love you, that he will respect you, that he will honor you, that he will be absolutely true to you, that he will give you the freedom of expression and let you fly in the development of your own talents. He is not going to be perfect, but if he is kind and thoughtful, if he knows how to work and earn a living, if he is honest and full of faith, the chances are you will not go wrong, that you will be immensely happy.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley -

“When love beckons to you follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth......

But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure, Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor, Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears. Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.

Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. And think not you can direct the course of love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself."

But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly and joyfully.”
- Khalil Gibran -

“I don't want to be married just to be married. I can't think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can't talk to, or worse, someone I can't be silent with.”
- Mary Ann Shaffer-

“Marriage is a fine institution, but I'm not ready for an institution.”
- Mae West-

“Why does a woman work ten years to change a man, then complain he's not the man she married?”
- Barbra Streisand -

“Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.”
- Katharine Hepburn -

“When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.”
― George Bernard Shaw -